Problem-solving and Decision Making in Digital Era

Problem-solving and Decision Making in Digital Era


Problem-solving skill is an important for managers at all level. With sound knowledge in analysis of problems and give recommendations, effective managerial decision can be made. Modern tactics and skills can build upon prior experience and improve both individual and team performance in the current digital era.


This workshop will use exercises and cases to provide participants with both problem-solving and decision-making experiences. Participants can apply the processes and tools for working on solving problems in the workplaces. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
• define problems with clear and effective manner;
• generate a wider variety of quality and useful solutions
• support more structured analysis of recommended scenarios leading to better decisions
• recognize and avoid common mistakes

Target Audience:

  • Middle Managers
  • Newly promoted supervisor/officers
  • Anyone who would like to equip themselves with up-and-coming techniques, knowledge and increase their “power” meeting the coming challenges in workplace.
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Certified Critical Chain Project Manager

celebrating 20th anniversary of SSI – Certified Critical Chain Project Manager


The Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is an innovative approach with techniques that can dramatically improve the performance of all types of projects in companies of all sizes.

This innovative approach (The Boeing Company, Mazda, OMRON, Ricoh Company etc.) has been adopted by thousands of leading organizations, and the Japanese government decided in 2008 to use CCPM in all government construction projects (about 20,000 projects per year). They all had miraculous results.


This course will share theories and techniques to manage single projects big or small in various industries.

Facilitated by a certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, and case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking, and project management by the CCPM software.


  1. Current Issues of Project Management
  2. Simulation Game
  3. Solution Directions
  4. Comparison of Current and New Methods
  5. CCPM Scheduling for Single Projects
  6. Exercise
  7. Simulation Exercise
  8. Project Tracking and Monitoring
  9. Simulation and Results
  10. Project Management
  11. Simulation and Results
  12. Introduction to LYNX Project management Software
  13. Strategy for CCPM Deployment
  14. Case Examples
    • A High-speed Railway Station
    • An ERP Implementation
    • A Government Project

Expect Results:

Participants should be able to grasp the breakthrough method and be able to use it to complete their projects.

Who Should Attend?

Executives whose project management is part of their responsibilities. Engineers in civil, architectural, and engineering fields. Professionals in product development, IT development, supply chain, healthcare, and government services.


Cantonese with presentation slides in English.

Free Certificate for SSI’s Life type Members.

About the Facilitator

If you cannot view below enrollment form, please click the DIRECT LINK HERE

Course Code: CCPM2205

Date and Time:  Jan 30 & Feb 6, 2023 (Monday Evening), 18:30 – 21:30

Learning Mode:  Face-to-face

Course Fee


Free of charge for for SSI Professional Registration & SSI Community Buddies.

Free Certificate for SSI’s Professional Registration (Life type) upon their completion of a course assignment.

Certified Agile Leader

Free* Course for celebrating 20th anniversary of SSI

Date and Time: Friday evenings from 1830 to 2130, 21 & 28 NOV,2022

Learning Mode: Face-to-face and online modes

Venue: 1627 Star House, Middle Block, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui

Course Code: CAL01

Course Fee


Free of charge for Six Sigma Community Buddy.

Free Certificate for SSI’s Professional Registration (Life type) upon their completion of a course assignment.

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Digi-talent and People Analytics

Digi-talent and People Analytics


This is a new approach in digitalization of business. Staff needs up-dated digital training and knowledge in order to create new services and products for customers. Workshop participant will gain a basic understanding of ABCDE – Ai, Big-data, Cloud, Deep learning, Expert system, and IoT (Internet of Things). Also, this workshop will introduce a new concept in HR – the People (HR) Analytics. Also, Digital transformation is a mindset shift for HR, as it is about the increased use of technology. HR professional needs new skills and understanding of what will make staff productive in the future.

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Marketing Analytics for beginner

The Programme:

Data is a vital resource to organizations especially for marketing. This 4-module program is aimed at providing marketers in SME or service organizations with basic knowledge and skills needed to self-perform intelligent and critical use of marketing data and explore insights for creating better marketing strategies than your competitors. It is good for anyone who would like to learn the key
Marketing Concepts and to implement marketing analytics by using simple MS Excel functions. The course employs a combination of lectures, cases, and hands-on exercises.
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