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About Six Sigma Institute (SSI)

Over 20 years of development, Six Sigma has now been recognized one of the world-class effective management tools. More and more global enterprises apply Six Sigma for quality management, business performance measurement and talent development. Training of Six Sigma professionals has become a trend. The Six Sigma Institute (SSI) is the first organization in Hong Kong specially providing Six Sigma training courses. To promote the application of Six Sigma methodologies, the SSI also work closely with universities, colleges and professional bodies in organizing Six Sigma courses or events and assists a number of public and private institutions having in-house training.


To become a leading Six Sigma Professional Accreditation Institute.


To promote for the benefit of the community, the theory and application of Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints, Science of Operations Science and related techniques. In Hong Kong and the region, to enhance the competitiveness of local organizations and individuals.

To achieve this goal, the institute accredits Lean and Six Sigma professionals with recognized knowledge and skills in this applied science. The institute works closely with universities, training organizations and professional firms in offering public and in-house training programmes, and professional consultation services to peoples and organizations in the region.



Other than Six Sigma training programmes, to lift the competitiveness of students, the SSI also offers other Quality Management related trainings such as Lean, Theory of Constraints and Continuous Professional Development Programmes..

Entitled with registered Six Sigma professional, not only represents a personal recognized qualification but also the person’s abilities to help enterprises systematically and comprehensively improve the quality of services and products and to enhance the competitiveness within the industry. Nowadays, there is no institution can award the internationally recognized professional qualifications of Six Sigma. The SSI therefore provides professional registration service to students and the public, and cooperates with the China Association for Quality (CAQ) to introduce Green Belt and Black Belt mutual recognition scheme, so that both registered professionals are national and Greater China regional accreditations.

To ensure the students and registered professionals reach the regional level in Greater China, the SSI Examination Board conducts the quality assurance evaluation on all training programs delivered by the SSI and collaborating organizations. Students from SSI and other institutions must pass the examination to confer SSI’s professional qualifications. The SSI is also the only Green Belt and Black Belt examination center approved by the CAQ in Hong Kong.

Six Sigma Community is a communication platform for SSI’s professionals in different industries which holding seminars, company visits and world-class conferences from time to time.

The SSI and Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. – Hong Kong (SBTI-HK) are strategic partners. SBTI-HK is a leading global provider of Lean Six Sigma solution services, which founder is one of the Six Sigma inventors, helping enterprises from different industries to implement Lean Six Sigma management.