To ensure the students and registered professionals reach the regional level in Greater China, the SSI Examination Board conducts the quality assurance evaluation on all training programs delivered by the SSI and collaborating organizations. Students from SSI and other institutions must pass the examination to confer SSI’s professional qualifications OR to enroll related higher-leveled courses, unless they have equivalent qualifications/studies approved by the SSI Examination Board and are granted exemptions.

In addition, Six Sigma Institute is also the only Green Belt and Black Belt examination center approved by the China Association for Quality (CAQ) in Hong Kong.


Those who enroll in our SSI courses will take the examination at the end of the course, thus no further application for examination is necessary.

Students from other institutions completed courses in the following categories and would like to confer SSI’s professional qualifications OR to enroll related higher-leveled courses should apply for our assessment first:

Through the assessment of SSI Examination Board, if applicants’ qualifications/studies elsewhere are equivalent in level and content to the SSI qualifications/courses applied, they may be granted exemption for course, examination and/or project requirements of qualification registration or course enrolment.
Applicants who cannot fulfill the requirements of Examination Board will be required to complete courses in the SSI, pass examinations OR complete projects according to your applications.

Notification of Exam Results

In case an exam attendant has failed the exam, a email failure notice will be sent out within one week after the exam. Otherwise, a passing certificate will be issued and mailed directly to the exam attendant after we confirmed pass of the project assignment. Normally it takes around 3 weeks to deliver the signed passing certificate after we confirm pass of both of the exam and project assignment.