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Six Sigma Black Belt Simulation Project Course for Professional Registration

Six Sigma Institute is the only Examination Centre and authorized training centre for Certified Six Sigma Black Belt of the China Association for Quality in Hong Kong.

What is Six Sigma? What is Lean? What is the relationship between them?


The model is a project-centred hands-on workshop with participants works on a simulated Six Sigma project. This model aims to equip participants with abilities to undertake and lead Six Sigma project in any company.

On completion of the model, the participants will:

  • Acquire a hands-on experience on how to undertake and complete a simulated Six Sigma project.
  • Have a hands-on experience of using essential Six Sigma tools.
  • Able to plan a Six Sigma projects.
  • Able to present the Six Sigma Project.
  • Able to write a Six Sigma project report.
  • Able to complete an individual project to meet Six Sigma Institute’s requirements on professional registration of Six Sigma Black Belt.

As the course is customized for participants who have passed the SSI’s Black Belt examination or equivalent, only a quick review of major tools will be conducted with cases and examples. The majority of time is to coach participants on how to complete their project for the viva examination.

These are project-centred workshops that also involve group discussions and individual presentations. Participants can be able to gain experience for Six Sigma project presentation similar to the real working place.

Who should attend?

  • Those who passed the examination of Six Sigma Black Belt and intend to register as RSSBB / RLSBB.

Certification and Professional Registration

Participants will complete their individual projects during the 4 days workshop. The project can be used in lieu of the real project with verified saving of HK$500,000 for the VIVA examination. The VIVA examination of the individual project will be confirmed by the student and the tutor during the course.

Upon passing the VIVA examination and fulfilling all requirements of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Programme, participants will be awarded Certificate of Black Belt in Six Sigma and are eligible to be registered with the SSI as a Registered Six Sigma Black Belt or Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt and use the title of RSSBB or RLSBB after their names.

Course Fee

The course fee includes:

1. VIVA Examination Fee,

2. 1st year Registration Fee as ‘Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt, RLSBB’ &

3. issuance of “Passing Letter” (No Hidden Cost).

Please contact us about course fee and DISCOUNT details.

Adverse Weather Class Arrangement

Payment Method

Course Outline

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1. Guidelines on Group Project 19. Deployment Flowchart and Value Analysis
2. Project Planning 20. Team Presentation
3. Project Charter 21. Generating Ideas
4. SIPOC + Process Mapping – Brainstorming
5. Process Flow – Affinity Diagram
6. Team Presentation 22. Selecting Solutions
7. C&E Matrix – Multi-voting
8. FMEA – Solutions Selection Matrix
9. Sample Size Calculation 23. Design of Experiment
10. Data Collection Plan – Full Factorial
11. Sigma Level Measurement – Fractional Factorial
12. MSA 24. Centre Points + Blocking
– Stability Analysis 25. RSM
– Normality Analysis 26. Should Map
– Capability Analysis 27. FMEA
– Gage R&R 28. Cost Benefit Analysis
13. Team Presentation 29. Team Presentation
14. Correlation 30. Control Plan
15. 2 Way ANOVA 31. Control Chart
16. Multiple Regression 32. Capability Analysis
17. Hypothesis Testing 33. Team Presentation
– T-Test 34. Team Competition
– F-Test 35. VIVA Examination
18. Chi-Square 36. Wrap Up