Master Black Belt

Master Black Belt Certification Programme

Become a Competent Person to Turn Challenges into Profit


Six Sigma, Lean and TOC (Theory of Constraints) are well recognized over the world as effective methodologies for rapid financial results. The SSI’s MBB course covers a comprehensive knowledge of these methodologies and aims to develop Master Black Belts (MBBs) who are competent to employ these tools and able to elevate organizational performance rapidly.

A qualified MBB who is usually in a senior position of an organization, should have knowledge and skills to provide advises to the senior management in achieving dramatic performance improvements, and producing a demonstrable return on investment. On top of providing business improvement solutions, the MBB is also a Six Sigma leader in the organization and act as trainer and coach to Black Belts and Green Belts within the organization.


Upon completion of the MBB program, participants should have acquired:

• Six Sigma deployment and management skills for success implementation and sustain the scheme in an organization.

• Training skills for conducting in-house Green Belt and Black Belt courses.

• Project coaching and Management skills to ensure project completion.

• Advanced lean and Six Sigma tools and capabilities useful in daily Lean and Six Sigma projects.

• Mentoring skills to achieve results, transfer knowledge more effectively.

• Ability to use SSI’s TOCLSS (Theory of Constraint + Lean + Six Sigma) (pronounce as TOP-CLASS approach for providing holistic improving strategies for rapid business results.


MBB Modules

Module Days Exam Requirements
1.TOCLSS (Theory of Constraints + Lean + Six Sigma) (4 day, 32 hours) 13 days 2-hours written examination and completion of a TOCLSS project
2.Advanced Six Sigma Tools (4 day, 30 hours) 2- hours written examination
3.Training for Trainers (Total 1 day & presentation) Prepare 1 hour training material of assigned topic, and also assess other participants’ topic
4.Project Coaching
(1 day, 7 hours)
Submit written report of a coached project.
5. Six Sigma Management Leader (1 day, 6 hours)
6.Design for Six Sigma (2 day, 12 hours) Completion of the optional DFSS project (this is not the MBB requirement, only the option for those who want DFSS qualification).


Course Leader

Dr. YK Chan, Chairman of Six Sigma Institute, Managing Director of SBTI-Hong Kong Ltd, Doctor of Engineering (Warwick), Doctor of Management (IMC/USC), Post Doctoral (Oxford), Registered Professional Engineer, Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Teacher, Registered Lean Specialist, TOCICO Certified TOC Practitioner, Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University (北京師範大學) and Industrial Fellow of University of Warwick, UK.

Dr. Chan has over 30 years of experience in both manufacturing and servicing industries. Being a pioneer of Lean Six Sigma development in Hong Kong, he has Led over 100+ Lean Sigma projects and trained over 5,000 Lean Six Sigma professionals, including Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Lean Sigma Black Belts, Six Sigma Green Belts, Lean Specialists, Lean Leaders. Lean Practitioners, as well as TOC professionals.


Entry Requirements for MBB Training Course and Professional Registration

• Candidates selected by personal interview before attending the MBB Course

• Candidates should have completed Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Programme before attending Training for Trainers and Project Coaching modules.

• To be a Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt, candidates must be a Registered Six Sigma Black Belt / Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt and completed all MBB modules and met all assignment and examination requirements.


Certification and Professional Registration

Participants who complete each module will receive a module certificate.

Participants who have 70% attendance or above, completed all modules for the MBB programme and met all assignment and examination requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Master Black Belt in Six Sigma from SSI.

To be a Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt use the title of RSSMBB after their names, candidates must be a Registered Six Sigma Black Belt / Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt and completed all MBB modules and met all assignment and examination requirements.


Course Fee

The course fee includes:

1. Examination Fee &

2. Administrative Charge for issuance of “Completion Certificate” for each module (No Hidden Cost).

Please contact us about course fee and DISCOUNT details.

Adverse Weather Class Arrangement

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