Executive Certificate of Innovative Management in Advanced Project Management (Critical Chain Project Management)

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This course is designed to cover all the body of knowledge required by the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization (TOCICO) for the certification of Practitioners in Critical Chain Management (CCPM) Application. Upon completion of this course, participants’ should have the ability to pass the TOCICO Examination and become a certified CCPM Practitioner.

What is TOC?

Theory of Constraints (TOC) is an emerging management philosophy introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the world’s well-known guru in system management. TOC provides a set of holistic processes and rules, all based on a system approach that brings quick and significant improvements in performance of companies and organizations.

Why TOC?

TOC has proved success in Manufacturing, Distribution, Financial Services, Health, Defense, Government and Education industries. Dr. Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints is being used by thousands of corporations, and is taught in over 200 colleges, universities and business schools. His books have sold over 4 million copies and have been translated into 23 languages.

TOC Application to Project Management

Due to the unique nature, unpredictable variation and limitation of current planning methods, project management is facing the following challenges (results of the Standards Group’s recent survey):

  1. 75% of completed, projects are late
  2. Average cost overruns are 189%
  3. Average time overruns are 222%
  4. 30% are cancelled before they finished

Why are project results still so unpredictable worldwide?

The course answers this question and introduces a new project management approach which allows you to complete your project 25% faster, without scarifying scope and budget. Many company used this approach were able to increase the number of projects executed with the same resources by more than 25%.

Purpose of this Course

The purpose of this Course is to equip participants with specialized TOC solutions related to project management, enable them with knowledge and skills to implement TOC solutions and generate rapid business results.

Expected Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, participants should:

  1. Have a comprehensive knowledge and skills on project management arenas of the Theory of Constraints.
  2. Have competency to apply these knowledge and skills for their organizations in achieving breakthrough business results.
  3. Have a capability to pass the TOCICO Practitioner Certification in Critical Chain Project Management

Who Should Attend

  1. Senior Managers who handles many projects
  2. Project Managers, Resources Managers, Project Planning Manager,
  3. Contract Managers of Large Engineering Projects
  4. Individuals who want to made project management as their career

Teaching Methodology

Interactive lectures, group discussions, exercises, simulation games, case studies, videos, etc.

Examinations and Certificates

Participants who complete this programme and submit one individual project assignment will receive a certificate jointly granted by SSI and the Global Institute of Management (Executive Certificate of Innovative Management in Advanced Project Management).
Arrangement will then be made to facilitate participants to join the TOCICO’s Critical Chain Project Management Practitioner Certification Examination.

Implementation Coaching Service

Participants who are nominated by their company and tasked with TOC implementation in their organization, coaching service is available by our internationally well-known TOC experts for their successful TOC implementation. The name list of such renowned experts is available upon request.
They can consider employing them as external consultants for further services such as identifying business improvement opportunities, finding out root causes, formulating solutions and successful execution.

Leading Facilitator

Ir. Dr. YK Chan, FHKIE, RE
Engineering Doctorate (Warwick), EngD
Doctor of Management (IMC/SCU), DMgt
Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt, RSSMBB
Registered Lean Specialist, RLS
TOCICO Certified TOC Practitioner

Course Fee

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