CAQ-SSI Mutual Recognition

CAQ-SSI Mutual Recognition

Six Sigma Institute and China Association For Quality Mutual Professional Recognition Scheme

In today’s competitive world, where the ability to implement the well-proven business improvement approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints are the keys to success, seeking professional registrations would be of paramount importance to staff from all sectors. Not only does it provide an indication that the registered individual has the knowledge and know-how to ensure success and continuous growth of an organization, it helps to foster teamwork between individuals, which ultimately benefits the company as a whole. Registration is thus an investment in your career and in the future of your employer.

Six Sigma Institute (SSI) is the only training and registration organization in Hong Kong whose Black Belt and Green Belt qualifications have been mutually recognized by the China Association for Quality (C.A.Q.). Since 2009, SSI’s RSSBB / RLSBB (Life Type) can apply to be CAQ’s Certified Black Belt. From 2011, SSI’s RSSGB can also apply to be CAQ’s Certified Green Belt. Under this mutual professional recognition scheme, the qualifications with CAQ are recognized within the mainland China.

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About China Association for Quality (C.A.Q.), please click here
To boarder professional recognition and align our professional titles with international common practice, all professional titles in form of ‘Registered Quality Professional (title), RQP(title)’ have been changed from 15 April 2013. For details, please click here.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt of China Association for Quality(CAQ) under Mutual Recognition Scheme in 2022

Over the years, SSI aims to recognize professional status of Six Sigma practitioners by provision of professional examination and registration, you are therefore invited to join the “Six Sigma Institute(SSI) and China Association for Quality(CAQ) Mutual Recognition Scheme” for further personal professional development.
The deadlines for application of CAQ’s Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt under Mutual Recognition Scheme in 2022 are as follows:

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt : May 2022

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt : May 2022

To apply for CAQ’s Certified Six Sigma Green Belt / Black Belt, you are required to fulfill the academic and project requirements, the requirements can be checked from the following links to CAQ’s website:

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt: Please click here

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt: Please click here

Please follow the below steps for CAQ registration under the Mutual Recognition Scheme:

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
Step 1 Apply for Registered Six Sigma Green Belt
(Life Registration only)
Apply for Registered Six Sigma /
Lean Sigma Black Belt(Life Registration only)
Step 2 Fill in the CAQ registration form Fill in the CAQ registration form
Step 3 Submit 1 individual Green Belt project Submit 2 individual Black Belt projects
Step 4 Administration fee:HK$ 500 +
Registration fee:RMB ¥650/3 year(New)
Administration fee:HK$ 500 +
Registration fee: RMB ¥1,000/ 3 year(New)
Step 5 SSI Examination Board accesses the documents of CAQ registration
Step 6 Qualified applicants will be recommended to CAQ
*P.S.: Please provide us copies of all the certificates that you have mentioned in the CAQ registration form, as well as two of your current photos. The Examination Board may invite you to clarify your project(s) if such requirement is considered necessary.