Minitab Useful Information

Minitab is a useful statistical tool for Six Sigma analysis. Many of the Six Sigma Projects would use this software to conduct the Measure phase analysis.

Do you have inquiry about the practical application of this software? Do you want to know more about how different industries conducted quality improvement with Six Sigma & Minitab? Here are some links that might be useful to you:

>Case Studies of Minitab application
>Tips & Technologies for Statistics & Quality Improvement

Interested parties can also learn more about the 30-day free trial version of Minitab.

Special Offers

As a strategic partner with Minitab, Six Sigma can offer our member/ course attendee (either corporate clients or public course students) Minitab equipment with special prices in following items:

  • Minitab 17 Statistical Software – Perpetual Single User License (Electronic delivery)
  • Quality Companion 3 by Minitab – Perpetual Single User License (Electronic delivery)
  • Quality Trainer by Minitab (1 Year Subscription, Single User License)

If you are interested in the special offer through SSI, please give us a mail to [email protected] and indicate your needs; we will contact with you the details & application procedure accordingly.

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