Free Webinar | Corporate Governance in Practice: How does it affect the value of a company & Uplife Operational Excellence for Better ROI




Corporate governance impacts organisation’s profit and value both directly and indirectly to a large extent. A strong and effective corporate governance framework is needed to build trust and predictability. Many researchers have identified the existence of a “corporate governance premium” ( an additional price that investors will pay for shares in well-governed companies), it is a consideration in the ESG requirements (Environmental, Social, Governance) of fund and investors across the world. So, we will discuss about how would a company value affect by good corporate governance in the webinar.
We will also introduce the latest development of Lean Six Sigma and describe the latest integrated approach for Continuous Improvement with the benefits of explore hidden capacity, shorten cycle time, lowering inventory level, enhance cash flow and increase rate of on-time delivery.


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Innovative Project Management

Innovative Project Management
Completing Project on Time, Within Budget and Deliver in Full (Part I)


The new Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the technology that has the power to improve dramatically the performance of project of all type in companies of all size.

Thousands of organizations have implemented CCPM successfully and in particular the Japanese Government announcement in 2007 via the launch of the “Win-Win-Win Public Work Reform” that CCPM should be used on all Government’s constructions projects henceforth (approx. 20,000 projects per year):

“We strongly remind ourselves of the very important responsibility of public works to secure people’s safety and national land safety. To bring out maximum benefit for society, both government officials and contractors work together on public works by providing better products with faster speed. This brings benefits to all of residence, government and contractors and support to overcome financial difficulty of Japan Government. We declare herewith we strongly advance Win-Win-Win Public Work Reform.”

The successful experiences from leading organizations throughout the world have demonstrated that CCPM is the most cost savings and profit-generating device for the project’s organization.


Facilitated by certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, LYNX. The aim to help participating organizations apply this new technique immediately for rapid results.

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Basic Knowledge Management

Basic Knowledge Management


This workshop highlights the basic understanding of Knowledge Management (KM) and the strategies and implementation framework of managing critical knowledge for better performance.

Who should attend?
Supervisors, Middle to Top managers who would like to understand the KM and how to implement KM in his/her organization or team to improve performance.

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Problem-solving and Decision Making in Digital Era

Problem-solving and Decision Making in Digital Era

Problem-solving skill is an important for managers at all level. With sound knowledge in analysis of problems and give recommendations, effective managerial decision can be made. Modern tactics and skills can build upon prior experience and improve both individual and team performance in the current digital era.

This workshop will use exercises and cases to provide participants with both problem-solving and decision-making experiences. Participants can apply the processes and tools for working on solving problems in the workplaces. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
• define problems with clear and effective manner;
• generate a wider variety of quality and useful solutions
• support more structured analysis of recommended scenarios leading to better decisions
• recognize and avoid common mistakes

Target Audience:

  • Middle Managers
  • Newly promoted supervisor/officers
  • Anyone who would like to equip themselves with up-and-coming techniques, knowledge and increase their “power” meeting the coming challenges in workplace.

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