TOCLSS (TOC+Lean+Six Sigma)

A Module of Master Black Belt Certification Programme

Course Overview

Six Sigma is a well-known discipline that reduces variation using statistical tools and the DMAIC. Lean is used to simplify the process, eliminate wastes and reduce flow time. Theory of Constraints is essentially about change.

In fact, these methodologies are not independent but complementary. TOCLSS utilizes the Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean and Six Sigma principles in a special sequence which is claimed to deliver higher results than if each one of the continuous methodologies were used individually. Applying its principles and tools answers the three basic questions about change that every manager / quality professional needs to know:

– What to change? (Where is the constraint?)

– What to change to? (what should we do with the constraint?)

– How to cause the change? (How to we implement the change?)

The course contains of lectures and workshops. Participants will learn how to take full advantage of the best practices available today and use a strategic framework to achieve the next level of business excellence regardless in the transactional or operational environment.


Who should attend?

1. First and second level team leaders and managers.

2. Quality and process improvement professionals.

3. Those interested in becoming TOCLSS professionals.

Course Outline:

1.1 Overviews of the TOCLSS – A Innovative Holistic Management System
1.2 Principles and Thinking Process
1.3 Manufacturing Solutions
1.4 Performance Metrics
1.5 Project Management Solutions
1.6 Distribution, and Retail Solutions
1.7 Marketing and Sales Solutions
1.8 Strategy and Tactic
1.9 Case Examples
1.10 Individual Project
Individual Project Examination: Present Your Project in the Class (1 hour)


Participants who complete the course and pass the examination will be awarded a module certificate.


CPD credits could be claimed:

32 credits


Course Fee

Please contact us for details.

Payment Method