Design For Six Sigma


Design For Six Sigma

A Module of Master Black Belt Certification Programme


Course Overview

Inherent product quality is formed in the product design stage. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is an approach to design or re-design a product, service or process from the ground up that meet or exceed customer requirements and expectations. DFSS aims to raise the inherent quality levels for products and services from the very beginning of product development, and this will bring higher benefits.

The quality level through Six Sigma DMAIC processes will be limited, and in general will not exceed 4.8 sigma level. DFSS optimizes the design process to achieve Six Sigma performance and builds the efficiencies of Six Sigma methodology into the process before implementation.

The course comprises of the most advanced, integrated and applicable DFSS processes and technical methods. By integrating the theory with engineering practice, active class interaction will be facilitated to provide students with better understanding of the DFSS techniques.


Who should attend?

1. First and second level team leaders and managers.

2. Quality and process improvement professionals.

3. Those interested in becoming DFSS professionals.



Participants who complete the course will be awarded a module certificate.


CPD credits could be claimed:

12 credits


Course Fee

Please contact us for details.

Payment Method


Qualification (Optional)

Completion of the optional DFSS project, students will be eligible for the Registered Design for Six Sigma Practitioner, RDFSSP.