Six Sigma Management Leader

Six Sigma Management Leader

A Module of Master Black Belt Certification Programme

Course Overview

Upon completion of the course, participants should have acquired Six Sigma deployment and management skills for success implementation and sustain the scheme in an organization.


Course Outline

5.1 Principles of Six Sigma Management
5.2 Six Sigma Leadership and Change Management
5.3 The Role of MBB
5.4 Bringing Six Sigma to Achieve Company Objectives
5.5 Project Selection
5.6 Personnel Selection
5.7 Award and Recognition
5.8 Six Sigma Deployment Plan
5.8 Project Management and Evaluation
5.9 Aligning Six Sigma with Business Excellence Model
5.10 Aligning Six Sigma to Other Management Systems
5.11 Introduction to Six Sigma Management Standard



Participants who complete the course will be awarded a module certificate.


CPD credits could be claimed:

12 credits


Course Fee

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