Green Belt Refresher

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Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher Course

A Golden Chance to refresh Six Sigma Green Belt


Six Sigma Institute(六式码学会) now presents Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher Course which is a golden chance to refresh the knowledge and application of Six sigma Green Belt. Those participants who aim to apply SSI Green Belt Exam and gain national recognition should attend this course.


  1. Those want to join Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Programme at SSI.
  2. Those interested in becoming Registered Six Sigma Green Belt.
  3. Those want to get recognized professional registration in SSI and CAQ(中國質量協會)


In order to receive passing or recognized professional registration certificate of Six Sigma Green Belt in SSI, the applicant is also required to submit an individual Six Sigma Green Belt report to SSI’s Examination Board for assessment.


The course fee includes:

  1. Charges of one-time exam fee,
  2. Lecture notes fee &
  3. Registration fee of 注册六式码绿带 (RSSGB) for the first year (No Hidden Cost).

联络我们 about course fee and DISCOUNT details.


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  • Project Identification and Selection
  • 项目约章
  • VOC and CTQ
  • SIPOC Chart


  • 数据收集计划
  • Sample Size and Sampling Method
  • Basic Statistics
  • Calculate Current Performance
  • Identify and Filtering Input Factors


  • 过程分析
  • Data Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Root Cause Validation
  • Correlation and Regression


  • Generate and Select Solution
  • Project Piloting and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • 分析成本与效益


  • Process Risk Management
  • 控制计划
  • SPC