Six Sigma Institute and Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. – Hong Kong (SBTI-HK) are strategic partners. SBTI-HK is a leading global provider of Lean Six Sigma solution services, which founder is one of the Six Sigma inventors, helping enterprises from different industries to implement Lean Six Sigma management.


  • 1-day Assessment
    Before providing solution services, enterprises will be assessed for one day (the charge varies according to actual situation). Applicable solutions will be suggested after confirmed aspects that need improvement.


  • There are three basic solution services:
– For companies need overall improvement of enterprise management, operation efficacy and training of related talents
– Through implementation of Business Excellence Model (e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, etc.), enterprises will be able to build up a comprehensive and sustainable corporate improvement culture and to maintain business competitiveness


– For companies need establishment or improvement of operation system
– To enhance operation efficiency rapidly by adopting Enterprise System Solution (e.g. ISO, ERP, etc.)


– For companies need development of their human resources
– To equip the staff with essential knowledge and skills of successful Lean Six Sigma project implementation. Train them as Lean Six Sigma professionals to enhance and expand their competency at work.

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