Six Sigma Black Belt (RSSBB) / Lean Sigma Black Belt (RLSBB)


Important Notice:
To boarder professional recognition and align our professional titles with international common practice, the title of ‘Registered Quality Professional (Black Belt), RQP(BB)’ has been changed as ‘Registered Six Sigma Black Belt, RSSBB’ while ‘Registered Quality Professional (Lean Black Belt), RQP(LBB)’ has been changed as ‘Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt, RLSBB’ from 15 April 2013. For details of professional registration, please click here.


Registered Six Sigma Black Belt / Registered Lean Sigma Black Belt


Registration No.
of original title as

Registration No.
of current title as

Prof. Tao Kai Ching, Fredrick
(Life Type)
BB-0001 RSSBB-0001
Dr. Chan Yuk Kau
(Life Type)
BB-0002 RSSBB-0002
Prof. Koo Leung Chee
(Life Type)
BB-0003 RSSBB-0003
Mr. Chau Ka Yin, Gavin
(Life Type)
BB-0004 RSSBB-0004
Miss Koo Her Yen, Hannah
(Life Type)
BB-0006 RSSBB-0006
Dr. Lee Koon Keung
(Life Type)
BB-0007 RSSBB-0007
Mr. Chan Man Wong, Mark
(Life Type)
BB-0008 RSSBB-0008
Mr. Yim Pui Chi, Frederick
(Life Type)
BB-0009 RSSBB-0009
Mr. Tang Hi, Billy
(Life Type)
BB-0010 RSSBB-0010
Mr. Victor Kok
(Life Type)
BB-0011 RSSBB-0011
Mr. Frankie Lam
(Life Type)
BB-0012 RSSBB-0012
Ms. Sophia Chen
(Life Type)
BB-0013 RSSBB-0013
Mr. Hau Kin Leung
(Life Type)
BB-0014 RSSBB-0014
Dr. Jimmy Chan
(Life Type)
BB-0015 RSSBB-0015
Dr. Chan Kan Ip, Philip
(Life Type)
BB-0016 RSSBB-0016
Mr. Peak Yang
(Life Type)
BB-0017 RSSBB-0017
Mr. Eric Wong
(Life Type)
BB-0018 RSSBB-0018
Mr. Jorge Zhou
(Life Type)
BB-0019 RSSBB-0019
Mr. Wong Tai Shing, Regal
(valid until 1 May 2008)
BB-0020 RSSBB-0020
Ms. Kau Yee Hong, Francis
(Life Type)
BB-0021 RSSBB-0021
Mr. Wong Ching Por
(valid until 1 Oct 2008)
BB-0022 RSSBB-0022
Mr. Lui Gon Yee, Ben
(Life Type)
BB-0023 RSSBB-0023
Mr. Hung Chiu Man, Kerry
(Life Type)
BB-0024 RSSBB-0024
Dr. Wong Wai Keung, Calvin
(Life Type)
BB-0025 RSSBB-0025
Mr. Cheung Kin Man, Keith
(Life Type)
BB-0026 RSSBB-0026
Mr. Lee Wai Cheong
(valid until 24 Feb 2011)
BB-0027 RSSBB-0027
Mr. Leung Yun Wai, Walt
(Life Type)
BB-0028 RSSBB-0028
Mr. Kong Chor Hang
(Life Type)
BB-0029 RSSBB-0029
Mr. Wong Wai Kau, Raymond
(Life Type)
BB-0030 RSSBB-0030
Mr. Chan Chun Man
(Life Type)
BB-0031 RSSBB-0031
Ms. Wong Siu Heung, Wenday
(Life Type)
BB-0032 RSSBB-0032
Mr. Lau Siu Ki, David
(valid until 5 Nov 2008)
BB-0033 RSSBB-0033
Mr. Lau Chi Ming
(valid until 2 Dec 2008)
BB-0034 RSSBB-0034
Ms. Ching Man Wa, Myra
(valid until 27 Dec 2008)
BB-0035 RSSBB-0035
Chau Kong Wan
(valid until 5 Oct 2007)
BB-0036 RSSBB-0036
Mr. Strive Zhou
(valid until 16 Dec 2008)
BB-0037 RSSBB-0037
Mr. Chan Kwok Yuen, Roger
(Life Type)
BB-0038 RSSBB-0038
Mr. Leung Cheuk Ming
(valid until 10 Mar 2011)
BB-0039 RSSBB-0039
Mr. Chung Kin Man
(Life Type)
BB-0040 RSSBB-0040
Mr. Chan Chi Hung
(Life Type)
BB-0041 RSSBB-0041
Mr. Ho Lam To, Freddie
(valid until 28 Nov 2007)
BB-0042 RSSBB-0042
Mr. Lee Man Chiu
(Life Type)
BB-0043 RSSBB-0043
Ms. Lam Yuk Kwan, May
(valid until 26 Dec 2007)
BB-0044 RSSBB-0044
Mr. Cheng Ka Shing, Frank
(valid until 4 Feb 2009)
BB-0045 RSSBB-0045
Ms. Yeung Man Yin
(valid until 31 Jan 2008)
BB-0046 RSSBB-0046
Ms. Yeung Sau Man
(Life Type)
BB-0047 RSSBB-0047
Mr. Chan Ki Shui
(Life Type)
BB-0048 RSSBB-0048
Ms. Mak Yuen Sau
(valid until 11 Feb 2008)
BB-0049 RSSBB-0049
Ms. Ying Kim Fun, Mimi
(valid until 15 Feb 2008)
BB-0050 RSSBB-0050
Mr. Lam Ho Chiu
(Life Type)
BB-0051 RSSBB-0051
Mr. Yim Siu Kit
(valid until 11 Mar 2008)
BB-0052 RSSBB-0052
Mr. Chow Hock Hin, Johnny
(valid until 11 Mar 2008)
BB-0053 RSSBB-0053
Mr. Ho Chung Shing, Gilbert
(valid until 11 Mar 2008)
BB-0054 RSSBB-0054
Mr. Siu Tung Hung, Streamlet
(Life Type)
BB-0055 RSSBB-0055
Mr. Siu Bo Keung
(valid until 18 Mar 2008)
BB-0056 RSSBB-0056
Mr. Lee Kin Hung, David
(Life Type)
BB-0057 RSSBB-0057
Mr. Lo Chung Hang, Edmund
(Life Type)
BB-0058 RSSBB-0058
Ms. Chan Mo Ching
(valid until 18 Mar 2008)
BB-0059 RSSBB-0059
Mr. Chow Cheong Ming, Kenneth
(Life Type)
BB-0060 RSSBB-0060

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