Who needs to apply?

Students who have completed Six Sigma/ Lean programmes through internal training or in other organizations.

There are certain courses included in our direct exemption course list, please check before you apply for exemption.

Reasons/ benefits of exemption:

  • Enroll related higher-level programmes:
    – from Six Sigma Green Belt to Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Programme;
    – from Six Sigma Black Belt to Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification Programme.
  • Apply for professional registration through SSI
  • Apply for Certified Six Sigma Black Belt/ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt of China Association for Quality (C.A.Q.) through Mutual Recognition Scheme.


Please download the PDF file if you cannot view the exemption procedure flow chart
Exemption Procedures (1)

Apply for Exemption (If you have google account)

Apply For Exemption (Will provide required documents later)

Please send the required documents to our email: [email protected]

After receiving your exemption application form, documents for exemption, as well as exemption fees, the Examination Board will proceed for the exemption. The assessment may take two to three weeks. Applicants who cannot fulfill the requirements of Examination Board may be asked to complete our public courses or specific training in order to fulfill the requirements of exemption and project assignment.

To ensure the students and Registered Professionals reach the regional level in Greater China, the SSI Examination Board conducts the quality assurance evaluation on all training programs delivered by the SSI and collaborating organizations. To be eligible for professional registration of SSI, students from SSI and other organizations must be able to fulfill the requirements of examinations first.

Through the assessment of SSI Examination Board, if applicants’ qualifications/studies elsewhere are equivalent in level and content to the SSI qualifications/courses applied, pass of exemption will be granted.

Exemption / Exam Fee:

In order to process for exemption, the exemption fee should be settled after submission of documents for the exemption.

Please relocate your screen if you cannot view the full table below:

Applied Professional Qualifications / Courses Administration Fee
(One trial, Non-refundable)
+ Examination Fee*
(One trial)
= Total application charges
Six Sigma Champion HK$500 + HK$500 = HK$1,000
Six Sigma Yellow Belt HK$500 + HK$500 = HK$1,000
Six Sigma Green Belt HK$500 + HK$500 = HK$1,000
Six Sigma Black Belt HK$1,000 + HK$1,000 = HK$2,000
Six Sigma Master Black Belt HK$1,000 + HK$1,000 = HK$2,000
Lean Leader HK$500 + HK$500 = HK$1,000
Lean Specialist HK$1,000 + HK$1,000 = HK$2,000

* Candidate will be asked to take exam(s) by the Examination Board of Six Sigma Institute, in order to make sure that the candidate has fulfilled certain standard of knowledge. In case the candidate has passed the exemption without exam, a refund of examination fee will be arranged.