Operations Improvement Techniques

Advanced Certificate in Operations Improvement Techniques

What is Six Sigma? What is Lean? What is the relationship between them?


This is one of the six modules of the Certified Lean Specialist Programme. The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants on how to establish standard operations and how to improve operations.

The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with the concept of standard. Various Lean Tools for establishing standard operations are discussed. The Module also introduces a new way for production control – managing time buffer. The concept is demonstrated by a case study of Transfer Batch.


Who should attend?

  • Senior managers or executives who wish to or responsible to implement Lean management in the company
  • High flyers who want to have a better opportunity in their carrier path
  • Professionals who responsible for business process improvement



Participants who complete the course will be awarded a module certificate.


CPD credits could be claimed:

6 credits


Course Fee

Please contact us for details.


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