Improving Performance with Flow (27 Nov 2019)


“Flow is the number one consideration” – D. Updegrove

Improve flow is vital in any organization. In this workshop, you may learn:

  1. Understand the process and the system;
  2. Identify measure of improvement;
  3. Simplify the process;
  4. Control the variation;
  5. Make the system safe;
  6. Improving flow at a functional bottleneck;
  7. Improving flow by reducing the variability;
  8. A healthcare case example.

Course Code: IPWF-19DEC27P

Date: 27 Dec 2019 (Friday)

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

CPD Credit: 2 credits

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How to Handle Conflicts with Win-Win Solution Seminar (7 Dec 2019)



Managers handle problems every day. Problems are caused by conflicts. Competency in handling problems is a major competitive advantage for managers’ career advancement. The objective of this course is to facilitate participants with a structured framework and skills to identify and solve conflicts with win-win results.


Seminar Topic: How to Handle Conflicts with Win-Win Solution

Date: 7 Dec 2019 (Sat)

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Venue: Six Sigma Institute, Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Remark: Free of charge



1. Identifying the Types of Conflict
2. Structuring Conflict in a Logical Diagram
3. Case Examples and Exercises
4. Validating Components of the Conflict Diagram
5. Finding Assumptions
6. Solving the Conflict via Breakthrough/Creative Win-Win Solutions.

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Effective Management and Leadership Skills for New Managers (5 Dec 2019)

Management Life Cycle



This comprehensive module is designed for managers looking for practical solutions to develop operational leadership and management skills, allowing people in management position to quickly integrate competencies, in a way that feel easy and natural to them.


  • Executives in a position to lead people
  • People aspiring to a management role
  • New management staff

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品牌形象的建立與專業投訴處理(啟航班) (3 & 10 Dec 2019)

brand management and complaint handling






  1. 品牌形象與機構個性
  2. 品牌塑造與形象的建立
  3. 機構員工與品牌的互動
  4. 專業投訴處理:
  5. 接到投訴!甚麼辦?
  6. 接聽投訴(一)
  7. 聆聽描繪鍛鍊法(一)




得獎項目由學會主席陳旭球博士領導及應用在本港四間醫院,並取得重大的成果。技術項目源於學會總經理陳耀榮博士的博士後研究,是為新技術、新管理方式。綜合了精益、六式碼(六西格瑪)及制約管理(約束管理)工具,創立聚焦病人流程的持續改善框架—系統改善七步驟(Systemic Process Improvement Framework, 7-SPI)。

「系統改善七步驟」能快速縮短病人留院時間,以現有資源下提高醫院的產能。與此同時建立一個整合其許多流程的住院管理機制(Length of Stay Management Scheme, LOSM),以實現提高醫院整體績效的有效管理。




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