For years, SSI has collaborated with different companies and organisations to promote the implementation of Six Sigma, Lean and Theory of Constraints methodologies. SSI has provided professional training service to numerous corporate organisations and individual public learners. Our professional courses are highly practical to them and returned with positive feedback.


Message from our previous clients and learners:

“Very Practical.” (Yuki Chan)


“The measurements can be applied to my work.” (Cherie Wan)


“Very useful introduction to Six Sigma. I am impressed with the materials taught in the course, the experiences of instructors and the usefulness of different techniques.” (Victor Ng)


“Good content.” (Pieter Den Daas)


“The tutor used some live examples to explain the course with asking questions and let the participants to think about the logic and process. Good training skills !” (Tang Wing Yan)


“The course helps me to understand and know how to use tools to improve many processes in our daily work and solve problems in work.” (Ho Tsz Yin, Bluestar Mould Group, Overseas Sales)


“Satisfied, impressed by the real case sharing.” (Leona Lee, LSG Sky Chefs, AM Quality Management, APAC)


“The coaching style of the mentor is impressive.” (Brian Lin, Sia Partners)


“C&E Matrix in the Measure Phase is quite impressive.” (Lee Chee Kheong, VTech Communications Ltd., SQE)


“Understand the DAMIC process much clearer for each steps and tools to use. Very good course to attend, but may be more application cases and examples to help the understanding better.” (Patrick Leung, Hasbro Far East, Senior Manager, Product Development)


“Well organised materials.” (Wong Leung Ka, Gibson Innovations Limited, Freight Management Manager)


“Hypothesis tests and Minitab examples are impressive.” (Wong Wai Hung, Senior Quality manager)


“Six Sigma is a much more powerful tool and practical than I’ve thought!” (John Lee, Plaza Premium Group, Assistant Business Development Manager)