Certified Ultimate Scrum Master

Certified Ultimate Scrum Master


10 July 2023 - 13 July 2023    
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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Agile project management techniques continue to become more mainstream, to create the best return on investment. As an Agile process framework, Scrum is the most popular method. Together, in agile projects, the success rate is double that of the traditional Waterfall method as shown. Though the rate is still below 50%.


This workshop is to equip professionals with comprehensive and updated knowledge of the TameFlow and Ultimate Scrum. The latest methods to achieve a project success rate of over 90% from 42%

The latest LYNX software will be introduced for quicker and much better business results.

Expect Results:

Upon completion of the course, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of Tameflow and Ultimate Scrum, the latest methods to improve the effectiveness of agile applications.

Who Should Attend?

Traditional project managers or program managers who are interested in applying Agile Techniques to their teams.

Executives who are considering using Agile at some point in the future, or who are already using Agile but have not been trained in it.


  1. Overview of the Workshop
  2. Fundamentals of Theory of Constraints
  3. Video Show
  4. TOC Game
  5. DBR and Five Focus Steps
  6. Fundamentals of Critical Chain Project Management
  7. Recap the fundamentals of Agile, Scrum
  8. Why does Agile Project Fail?
  9. The Kanban Method, Flow, and Throughput
  10. TameFlow-Kanban Design and Execution
  11. Release Planning with DBR
  12. Buffer Management, Usage, and Interpretation
  13. Ultimate Scrum
  14. Executive Control
  15. Progress Monitoring with fever chart
  16. Project Portfolio management
  17. TameFlow with Ultimate Scrum
  18. Software for Agile and Ultimate Scrum


There is no need for any specific project management qualifications.


Cantonese with presentation slides in English.

Date and Time: (Mon & Thur) 10 & 13 Jul 2023, 6:30pm-9:30pm (2 sessions)
Learning Mode: Lecture and group discussion
Interactive Classroom Instruction
Small Group Exercises
Venue: 1627 Star House, Middle Block, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui
Course Code: CSM-2301
Course Fee:

Bundle discounts for enrolling Agile Leader + Kanban Master:
1) 50% discount HK$2,450 (original: HK$ 4,900) for SSI Professional Registration (Life-type)
2) 25% discount HK$3,675 (original: HK$4,900) for SSI Professional Registration (Annual-type) & SSI Community Buddies

Other discounts:
3) 20% discount for 3 non-SSI community buddies from the same companies
4) 10% discount for non-SSI community buddies enroll and paid on/before 9 Jun 2023
CPD Credit: 6

Course Leader

Ir Dr YK Chan
FHKIE, Certified TOC Expert,
Dr. Chan learned innovative project management techniques from the Founder, Dr Goldratt in Israel. He is one of the few Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) Practitioners certified by the Theory of Constraint International Certification Organization (TOCICO, www.tocico.org).
Dr Chan promotes the theory and application of CCPM in Asia and Greater China and organizes certification examination for the TOCICO in Hong Kong and China.


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