Wastes Elimination and Capacity Exploitation

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Advanced Certificate in Wastes Elimination and Capacity Exploitation

什麼是六式碼? 什麽是精益? 他們倆個有何關係?


這是 精益專家證書課程的六個課程單元之一. To implement Lean, the management have to understand the need for enterprise-wide waste elimination and utilize a systemic approach to get everyone in the enterprise involved in the process.

The purpose of this workshop is to equip participants with know-how’s on identification and elimination of 7 types of wastes and the way to unreal concealed capacity.


  1. Why Wastes Occur?
  2. Seven Types of Wastes
  3. 如何識別浪費
  4. 如何消除浪費
  5. Videos
  6. 不再製造浪費的秘訣
  7. 案例
  8. 5Ss and Its Deployment
  9. Capacity Exploitation
  10. Increase Capacity by Reducing Variations
  11. Increase Profit by Rationalize Product Portfolio


  • 期望能負責 或 已負責在企業實踐精益管理的資深管理或行政人員。
  • 具有抱負並期望有更佳事業發展機遇的人士。
  • 負責業務流程改善的專業人士。


Participants who complete the course will be awarded a module certificate.

CPD credits could be claimed:

6 credits


聯絡我們 for details.