Lean Leader Certification Programme

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Lean Management – Adapting an Innovative Approach
Lean Leader Certification Programme

什麼是六式碼? 什麽是精益? 他們倆個有何關係?


Lean is now considered the most effective business improvement strategy in the world, for both manufacture and service industries. Lean’s good practices to improve rapid response and eliminate waste are essential tools for re-industrialisation and in particular during the journey heading to Industry 4.0.

The innovative approach is to add, on top of improving efficiency, to enhance effectiveness of the organisations by exploiting hidden capacities. The new lean approach integrates the concept of Theory of Constraints (制約理論) and focuses on creating value while reducing costs. TOC focuses on system constraints for throughput improvement.


The approach has received 2015年全国精益管理一等奖. Using the innovative approach of Lean will help Hong Kong enterprises to manage their organization in a much effective way during their journey towards Industry 4.0

The Workshop Provides:

1. An initial analysis, with our software, to formulate improvement directions for the participants’ companies.
2. Your executives with an integrated Lean toolkit,knowledge and application.
3. An option of providing the guidance necessary for a successful implementation of the new Lean approach


Certificate of Lean Leader will be awarded to participants who have 70% or above attendance, complete all assignments, one individual project and pass the examination.

Certification holders are eligible to be registered with SSI as a Registered Lean Leader and granted with the title of RLL.


The course fee includes:

1. 考試費 &

2. Administrative Charge for issuance of “Passing Certificate” (無隱藏收費).

聯絡我們 關於課程費用及折扣.




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1.Introduction to the Programme

2.Data Requirement for the Improvement Direction Analysis

3.Case examples

4.Lean Definition and Its Latest development

5.The challenges of Lean Implementation

6.The New Concept of Lean


8.Computer Simulation

9.The New Way pf Improving Business Performance



12.Selection of Improvement Projects

13.Project charter



  • Value Stream Map – Current State
  • 案例
  • Standard Worksheet – Map the work place
  • Observation Sheet – collecting process metrics
  • Work Balanced Chart – Calculate Takt time and standard manpower


  • Managing Variations
  • Simulation Game
  • Identify and Manage Constraints
  • Video
  • Eliminate 7 Wastes
  • Exercise
  • Setup Reduction (SMED)


  • Value Stream Map – Future State
  • 案例研習
  • Mistake Proofing (Poke Yoke)
  • 案例

19. Substantiate and enumerate improvements

  • Kanban
  • 案例
  • 5S
  • Exercise
  • Kaizen Event
  • Case examples

20. 實踐新的標準工作
21. System Improvement Case Examples