Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Programme

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課程名稱: 六式碼綠帶

Six Sigma Institute is the only Examination Centre for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt of the China Association for Quality in Hong Kong.

什麼是六式碼? What is Lean? What is the relationship between them?


Six Sigma Green Belts are a vital part of a successful Six Sigma programme. Many organisations begin Six Sigma deployments by training capable employees to become Green Belts. They involve a larger critical mass of people to achieve breakthrough results from their Six Sigma initiatives. The aim of this course is to share our successful knowledge on how to apply the Six Sigma tools in achieving breakthrough improvements in customer satisfaction, cost reduction, process improvement and cycle time reduction.

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Program contains of lectures and workshops.


  • Senior team leaders and managers.
  • Quality and process improvement professionals.
  • Those interested in becoming Six Sigma professionals.


  1. 為機構識別六式碼項目
    • 六式碼概覽
    • 六式碼組織
    • 六式碼過程
    • Voice of the Business & Customer
    • Translating Customer needs into Specific Requirements (CTQ)
    • 識別問題
    • 組織系統模型SIPOC圖表
    • 定義項目
    • 項目團隊約章
    • 品質樹的重要性
    • 問題聚焦陳述
    • 項目約章
  2. 以系統化方式為六式碼項目收集數據和資訊
    • 六式碼項目的統計學應用
    • 數據搜集技巧和搜集計劃
    • 測量系統分析
    • 過程能力測量
    • 計算標準差水平
    • 數據抽樣方法
    • 關鍵區域的詳細流程圖
  3. 建立六式碼分析工具箱
    • 項目討論/提案
    • 確定改善機會
    • 驗証根本原因
    • 假設檢驗
    • 關聯性分析
    • 過程分析
      • 增值分析
    • C & E Matrix
    • 迴歸分析 & 關聯
  4. 團隊動力 - 與他人合作取得項目突破
    • 團隊動力
    • 建立共識
    • Decision Making
    • Group Creativity
      • 腦力激盪
      • 親和圖
      • 多輪投票
    • 實踐計劃
    • 試行解決方案
      • 解決方案的優先級矩陣
    • 分析成本與效益
  5. 維持六式碼項目成果和特度化變革
    • 為變革爭取溝通和認同
    • Making changes last through:
      • 開發過程控制計劃
      • 評估過程控制計劃成效
      • 統計過程控制
      • 持續改善計劃
      • 管理現有知識和建立知識資源
      • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (失效模式與影響分析(FMEA))
  6. 考試


Certificate of Green Belt in Six Sigma will be awarded to participants who have 70% or above attendance, complete all assignments, submit one individual project and pass the examination.

Certification holders are eligible to be registered with SSI as a 註冊六式碼綠帶 and granted with the title of RSSGB.


The course fee includes:

  1. Examination Fee &
  2. Administrative Charge for issuance of “Passing Certificate” (No Hidden Cost).

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