Six Sigma Mutual Recognition Scheme - Six Sigma Institute and China Association for Quality



In today’s competitive world, where the ability to implement the well-proven business improvement approaches such as Lean, Six Sigma and Theory of Constraints are the keys to success, seeking professional registrations would be of paramount importance to staff from all sectors. Not only does it provide an indication that the registered individual has the knowledge and know-how to ensure success and continuous growth of an organization, it helps to foster teamwork between individuals, which ultimately benefits the company as a whole. Registration is thus an investment in your career and in the future of your employer.

六式碼學會 (六式碼學會) 是 本港唯一 培訓和登記機構在其黑帶和綠帶資格已經相互由中國質量協會認可的香港 (中國質量協會). 以來 2009, SSI的RSSBB / RLSBB (生活型) 可以申請成為CAQ的認證黑帶. 從 2011, SSI的RSSGB也可以申請成為CAQ的認證綠帶. 在這種相互的專業認可方案, 與CAQ的資格是在中國大陸範圍內的認可.


關於中國質量協會 (中國質量協會), 請 按此
為了邊境專業認可,並與國際通行做法使我們的專業技術職稱, 所有專業技術職稱在“註冊質量專業形式 (標題), RQP(標題)“已經從改變 15 四月 2013. 有關詳細信息, 請 按此.