6 sigma Community


Supported and managed by SSI, 六式码社区 aims to develop a strong social network for Six Sigma professionals. We invite famous professional speakers to give talks, organize experience sharing seminars, factory visits, social gatherings, etc.


6 Sigma Community Activities

知名amous professionals are invited for talks and experience-sharing. Friends of Six Sigma Community are most welcomed to join.
考察团hrough factory visits, 六式码学会 hopes that learners can understand the actual situation of different organizations in order to facilitate the implementation of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies and for a practical purpose.
社交聚会e organize social gatherings for friends of Six Sigma Community to enlarge their social circle and meet other six sigma professionals.


Six Sigma Community is open to Six Sigma practitioners who are (no membership fee):

  • Six Sigma Institute (六式码学会) 专业资格注册名单
  • Hong Kong Quality Management Association Limited (HKQMA) Members
  • Students of Global Institute of Management (G.I.M), 六式码学会, HKQMA, 或
  • 六式码学会与其他机构合办课程的学员

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