Continuing Education Fund 持續進修基金


The Continuing Education Fund (CEF) subsidises adults with learning aspirations to pursue continuing education and training. Eligible applicants may submit unlimited number of claims for reimbursement of fees up to a maximum sum of HK$20,000 within one year upon successful completion of CEF reimbursable courses and before reaching the age of 71. The co-payment ratios by learners (i.e. the percentage of fees to be borne by learners) for the first HK$10,000 subsidy is 20% of the course fee and that for the second HK$10,000 subsidy is 40% of the course fee.

For applicants who have opened a CEF account before 1 April 2019, they are also eligible for claiming the additional HK$10,000 subsidy and the unused balance (if any) of the original subsidy of HK$10,000 regardless of whether their accounts were closed in the past. The co-payment ratios are same as above.

Reimbursable Courses in SSI

A list of the reimbursable courses can be obtained from the CEF website.


Persons who meet the following criteria can apply for CEF:

  • A Hong Kong resident who has the right of abode or the right to land or to remain in Hong Kong without restriction, or a holder of one-way permit from Mainland China,
  • aged from 18 to 70 ;
  • at the time of application, and on seeking reimbursement of the tuition fee has paid the tuition fee for a CEF course;
  • Have not obtained any other public funds or assistance under any other publicly-funded financial assistance schemes for the same course.
  • has successfully completed a CEF course and attended no less than 75% of the contactable hours of the course or such higher attendance requirement as prescribed for the course (whichever is higher).

Application Procedures for Opening a CEF Account and Fee Reimbursement

Applicants do not need to submit any document before class commencement.
They must submit the completed CEF Application Form [SFO313 (2020)] together with the required institutional certification and supporting documents to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF) within one year upon successful completion of a CEF Course and before reaching the age of 71.
Late applications will not be accepted by the Government

The CEF Application Form [SFO313 (2020)] can be obtained from SSI, District Offices, the OCEF, or downloaded from here.

The properly filled in Application Form must first be certified by SSI after course completion by following the procedure stated below.

  1. Successful completion of a CEF course” means that the applicant must have attended no less than 75% of the contactable hours of the course or such higher attendance requirement as prescribed for the course (whichever is higher), percentage of assessment(s) as prescribed for the course
  2. Please refer to the Guidance Notes for Application[SFO 312_E (2020)] when completing the application form.
    Remark: the CEF Institutional Code of SSI is “ 616″.
  3. Complete the CEF Application Form
    The following information should be filled by referring to the “Proof of Completion of Course” document issued by SSI:

    (i) CEF Course Code
    View the necessary information for filling the SFO 313 (2020) application form, Or you may download filled details form as below Green Belt | Black Belt

    • Course Name: SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT
      Course code: 21C076325
      Institution Code: 616
      Institution: SIX SIGMA INSTITUTE LTD.
      Course code: 21C03931-4
      Institution Code: 616
      Institution: SIX SIGMA INSTITUTE LTD.

      (ii) CEF Course Title
      (iii) Commencement Date
      (iv) Course Completion Date
      (v) Date of 1st Instalment of Tuition Fee Paid
      (vi) Actual Amount of Tuition Fee Paid
  4. Enclose the documents set out at paragraph (6) in envelope and forward the envelope to SSI:
  5. Inside the envelope should include following items:
    (i) A returned self-addressed envelope with adequate postage paid (Please affix postage stamp of not less than HK$5 in value); and
    (ii) The duly completed CEF Application Form.
  6. SSI will return the institution certified CEF Application Form to the applicant within Three working days by post.
  7. The completed and institution certified CEF Application form^, together with a copy of the following documents

(i) Hong Kong Smart Identity Card;
(ii) One-way permit (if applicable);
(iii) Proof of Completion of Course (POC)
(iv) Course Passing Certificate
(v) Front page of a bank passbook/statement showing the applicant’s name, account number and bank name/ bank code.

should be submitted by post or in person within one year upon succession completion of the CEF Course and before the applicant’s 71st birthday to:

The Office of the Continuing Education Fund (OCEF)

Units 07-11, 25/F., CDW Building

388 Castle Peak Road

Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

Applicants may also place their applications in the drop-in box on 12/F or G/F., Cheung Shan Wan Government Offices. Late applications will not be accepted by the Government.

^Scanned or faxed copies of the completed CEF Application Form are not acceptable.

For applications containing complete information, application results will normally be released by the OCEF not more than eight (8) weeks from the date of receipt of applications.

  1. Check your CEF Account Status & calculate your subsidy


  1. Applications are processed subject to availability of funds. In the event that CEF no longer has funds available when an applicant submits an application, the application will not be approved regardless of whether the applicant fulfils the eligibility requirements for claiming reimbursement from CEF.
  2. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 70 (i.e. before reaching the age of 71) when an application is submitted and the application must be submitted within one year upon the successful completion of the course. Late applications will not be accepted.
  3. The date of receipt of the application by OCEF will be taken as the date of application submitted.

Notification of CEF Account Opening Results

For further information, please check the official website of CEF;
for course related, please contact our office: [email protected]/ +852 25812771.

Last update on 19 March 2022