Lean Leader (Service)

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Lean Leader for Service Certification Programme

Lean Service Flow to Satisfy Customers

What is Six Sigma? What is Lean? What is the relationship between them?



Today service sectors (and their customers) suffer high cost and poor quality service, and they have the opportunity to increase capacity by changing the system. Lean has been proven to successfully provide a system that optimally responds to customer demand in all types of service organisations, as a result, customer satisfaction, competitiveness and profitability are increased while the cost of providing services and time spent on service tasks and processes are reduced.

One of the primary focuses of lean manufacturing is to eliminate waste; that is, anything that does not add value to the final product gets eliminated. A second major focus is to empower people at the lowest level and make operational decisions at the lowest level possible. The course is designed for service industries and will enable students as a Lean Leader to lead a team to systematically create quicker and more efficient service processes that result in high-quality services and improved productivity.

The Lean Leader for Service Certification Programme contains lectures and workshops.

Who should attend?

1. First and second level team leaders and managers in service industry.
2. Quality and process improvement professionals in service industry.
3. Those interested in becoming Lean professionals in service industry.

Certification and Professional Registration

Certificate of Lean Leader will be awarded to participants who have 70% or above attendance, complete all assignments, one individual project and pass the examination.

Certification holders are eligible to be registered with SSI as a Registered Lean Leader and granted with the title of RLL.

Course Fee

The course fee includes:

1. Examination Fee &

2. Administrative Charge for issuance of “Passing Certificate” (No Hidden Cost).

Please contact us about course fee and DISCOUNT details.

Adverse Weather Class Arrangement

Payment Method

Course Outline

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1. Introduction to Lean Concept for Service

  • Selecting business opportunity for improvement
  • Case Example
  • Introduction to the group project

2. Value Stream Mapping

  • Map the Value Stream – Current State
    • Example and Group Exercise
  • Measure Lean Metrics
    • Example and Group Exercise
  • Evaluate Current State and Identify Improvement Actions
    • Example and Group Exercise
  • Map the Value Stream – Future State
    • Example and Group Exercise

3. Continuous Flow and Leveling

  • Make Continuous Flow and Leveling
    • Example and Group Exercise

4. Kaizen Events

  • Formulate Kaizen Plan (Improvement for the better)

5. A3 Problem Solving

  • A3 Problem Solving: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)

6. Case Analysis

  • Hotel – Increase MICE Income
  • Hospital – Surgery Process; CT Utilization
  • Supply Chain – DGS Sourcing
  • Laboratory – Cadmium Test Cycle Time
  • Administration – Document Control
  • Pharmaceutical – Reduce the Response Time
  • Food Process – Air Catering
  • Finance Sector – Cycle Time of Hospital Claims
  • Banking – Credit Card Application Process
  • Sales – Sales of MRI Systems
  • Civil Engineering – Reduce Construction Cycle Time