TOCICO考試 – Fundamentals, SCL, CCPM

Six Sigma Institute is the Hong Kong official examination center authorized by the “制約理論國際認證組織 (TOCICO)” for:

  1. The Fundamentals Exam ;
  2. Supply Chain Logistics (SCL) Application Exam &
  3. 關鍵鏈項目管理 (CCPM) Application Exam

We are please to announce the International Exam timetable of 2017 for students’ reference:

TOCICO 考試 – 香港 2017 (Fundamentals, SCL & CCPM)

Date of Exam

Time of Exam


24 February, 2017 (Friday)

09:30AM - 5:30下午


26 May, 2017 (Friday)

09:30AM - 5:30下午


25 八月, 2017 (Friday)

09:30AM - 5:30下午


24 November, 2017 (Friday)

09:30AM - 5:30下午

For the registration details, please refer to the “How To Register” session of TOCICO.

For international exam schedule across the world (for foreign participants), please refer to the “Community Calendar” of TOCICO.

Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to 聯絡我們.

備註: Interested participants please complete the registration procedure through TOCICO & 六西格瑪研究所 (六式碼學會) is responsible for exam invigilation & venue support.

What is TOCICO?

The TOCICO is a global not-for-profit certification organization for TOC (制約理論) practitioners, consultants and academics to develop and administer certification standards, and facilitate the exchange of latest developments. Six Sigma Institute is the official examination center of TOCICO.