Free Webinar | The Innovative Project Management Techniques創新項目管理技術


The Objective of the free seminar is to share and transfer knowledge regarding a new and proven breakthrough project management technique, 關鍵鏈項目管理 (CCPM).

Experience from leading companies all over the world indicates that successfully implementation of CCPM will result in enhancing the companies’ productivity and competitiveness.

Who Should Attend Project managers, resources managers, engineers, IT Professionals. Executives responsible for projects and major tasks

Date and Time:

27 日8月 (星期六 ) ,1130-1300

Completing Project on Time and Within Budget

The Innovative Project Managment – Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the technology that has the power to improve dramatically the performance of project of all type in companies of all size.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented CCPM successfully and in particular the Japanese government announcement in 2008 that CCPM should be used on all projects henceforth (approx. 20,000 projects per year).


Facilitated by certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, Lynx.

With the aim to help participating organizations apply this new technique effectively, the recommended CCPM software, LYNX will be provided for one-month trial to establish your project plan without additional fee.

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Innovative Approaches of Managing Projects 項目管理的創新方法

The Innovative Project Managementis – Critial Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the latest solution for planning, scheduling, and managing performance in a project environment. CCPM is the technology that has the solutions to complete project with less time, less budget and deliver full contents

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Getting Immediate Benefits by Plus-in a Software (Coaching Service Available)


This module provides an overview of software available in the market and introduce the latest CCPM Software LYNX

What is LYNX?

LYNX was launched in 2012, the latest software use CCPM approach bundled with Agile and Scum.

LYNX is an innovative planning solution for single and multiple projects.

LYNX is the fastest Web-based CCPM project management solution

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Integrating CCPM with Agile and Lean – A Breakthrough Approach for IT Projects


The Workshop is developed based on the “Critical Chain Project Management techniques” incorporated with essential parts of Agile and Lean. The aim of this proven approach is to help organizations to achieve a breakthrough improvement in project productivity. Among 9 techniques, 7 are applicable to multi-project environment of any organizations, two are customized to handle IT projects


To achieve 3 most crucial objectives for project portfolio management:

Selecting the right projects. Maximizing the portfolio’s throughput of project completions. Optimizing the portfolio’s reliability of project completions. . . . → Read More: Integrating CCPM with Agile and Lean – A Breakthrough Approach for IT Projects