Digi-talent and People Analytics

Digi-talent and People Analytics


This is a new approach in digitalization of business. Staff needs up-dated digital training and knowledge in order to create new services and products for customers. Workshop participant will gain a basic understanding of ABCDE – Ai, Big-data, Cloud, Deep learning, Expert system, and IoT (Internet of Things). Also, this workshop will introduce a new concept in HR – the People (HR) Analytics. Also, Digital transformation is a mindset shift for HR, as it is about the increased use of technology. HR professional needs new skills and understanding of what will make staff productive in the future.


In the end of the workshop, participant will understand:

The impacts of current technologies How technology creates advantages to business HR using data analysis to help HR professional making a better decision Target Audience:

Middle Managers, HR ProfessionalsNewly promoted supervisor/officersAnyone who would like to equip themselves with up-and-coming techniques, knowledge and increase their “power” meeting the coming challenges in workplace.

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