Completing Project on Time and Within Budget

The Innovative Project Managment – Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the technology that has the power to improve dramatically the performance of project of all type in companies of all size.

Hundreds of organizations have implemented CCPM successfully and in particular the Japanese government announcement in 2008 that CCPM should be used on all projects henceforth (approx. 20,000 projects per year).


Facilitated by certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, Lynx.

With the aim to help participating organizations apply this new technique effectively, the recommended CCPM software, LYNX will be provided for one-month trial to establish your project plan without additional fee.

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Simplified Project Managment for Non-Project Manager

Why a simple project management (SPM) method is needed?

  • Every strategic plan has all the characteristics of a project – numerous interdependent tasks and resources, time critical elements, bottom line impact, busy people with many other things to do and crises to solve.
  • We frequently observe good strategies being delayed as if they were in a traffic jam.
  • Weekly or monthly reviews often do not work, yielding only excuse after excuse for poor progress

Managerial Issues in Managing Project

  • Organizations routinely handle thousands of projects per year, and it is difficult to manage all these projects concurrently.
  • Too often, projects do not get the attention they need when they need it.
  • Management inattention can lead to late projects or projects with less than desirable content and/or deliverables.
  • With late delivery of projects, organization may lost substantial profit potentials

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How to Produce 25% More Projects


The objective of this program is to facilitate project-oriented organizations to achieve rapid and substantial results by using a new project management approach. The success experiences of the leading organizations throughout the world have demonstrated the following results:
• Throughput: 25% more projects
• Lead Time: 20-50% faster
• Cost reduction: 10-30% saving
• Quality: Often improved
• Culture: More collaboration, better teamwork, improved morale

Who Should Employ this Service?

The program is customized for project organizations, large or small. Organizations such as IT department, product development department, engineering firm, construction company, new projects in hospitals, etc. will find this program useful for maximizing revenue.

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TRIZ: A systematic innovative approach for problem solving


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Triz is made up of a number of tools for creative thinking based on the study of vast volume of patented invention.
The core output of the study of patents was a significant creative solution involves solving a contradiction.

What is the target?

To strength our abilities in problem diagnose and solving with TRIZ methodology

Who should attend?

Anyone who want to learn TRIZ and a methodology to help us to diagnose our problem and its’ possible solution.

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2 Day Workshop | Theory and Application of the Innovative Project Management Techniques 創新項目管理技術的理論與應用

Participants can apply for reimbursement of training grant through their company via (
Company can also apply training grant for a customised training programme for their employees.


The Objective of the three workshops is to build a critical mass of project related professionals and managers by sharing and transferring knowledge regarding a new and proven breakthrough project management technique, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM).
Experience from leading companies all over the world indicates that successfully implementation of CCPM will result in enhancing the companies’ productivity and competitiveness.
Using the new skill will help Hong Kong enterprises to manage their projects in a much effective way during their journey towards Industry 4.0

Who Should Attend

Project managers, resources managers, engineers for construction and engineering projects, capital works, IT projects
Executives who are responsible for task forces, working groups and major tasks

Date & Time

Course No. : SSI/2/2021(RT) 23-24 Jun 0930 – 1730
Course No. : SSI/3/2021(RT) 14-15 July 0930 – 1730

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