Completing Project on time, Within Budget and Deliver in Full


The new Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) is the technology that has the power to improve dramatically the performance of project of all type in companies of all size.

Thousands of organizations have implemented CCPM successfully and in particular the Japanese Government announcement in 2007 via the launch of the “Win-Win-Win Public Work Reform” that CCPM should be used on all Government’s constructions projects henceforth (approx. 20,000 projects per year):

“We strongly remind ourselves of the very important responsibility of public works to secure people’s safety and national land safety. To bring out maximum benefit for society, both government officials and contractors work together on public works by providing better products with faster speed. This brings benefits to all of residence, government and contractors and support to overcome financial difficulty of Japan Government. We declare herewith we strongly advance Win-Win-Win Public Work Reform.”

The successful experiences from leading organizations throughout the world have demonstrated that CCPM is the most cost savings and profit-generating device for the project’s organization.


Facilitated by certified CCPM expert, the workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, LYNX. The aim to help participating organizations apply this new technique immediately for rapid results.

Who should Attend?

  • Executives for whom project management is part of their duties.
  • Project directors/managers, resources manager, task managers.
  • Engineers of infrastructure, civil and building engineering.
  • Professionals for product development, software development, supply chain and services projects, engineering-to-order, major assembly production, maintenance, repair and overall.

Course Content:

  1. Current issues of project management
  2. Solution to overcome current issues
  3. Comparison of Current and New Methods
  4. CCPM Scheduling for Single Projects
  5. Exercise
  6. Computer Simulation
  7. Project Tracking and Monitoring
  8. 9-steps of CCPM implementation
  9. Introduction to LYNX Project management Software
  10. Major features of the LYNX Software
  11. Case Examples
    1. Construction of High-speed Railway Station
    2. An ERP Implementation project
    3. A set of huge city-wide construction and renovation projects for European Football games

Expected Results:

  • Grasp the breakthrough approach and be able to implement it to complete a trial project.
  • Apply the new approach using CCPM software LYNX for rapid and dramatic results
  • Successful implementation showed result in the establishment of more and more high-performance organization.


  • HK$2,290 (Complimentary Lunch included)
    (15% off for two or more from the same company)

Language: Mainly Cantonese with English Materials
Venue: Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
1-Day Course
Time Slot 1: 26 Jun 2020 (Fri), 9:30am – 5:00pm; Course Code: CCPM-20JUN26F
Time Slot 2: 1 July 2020 (Wed), 9:30am – 5:00pm; Course Code: CCPM-20JUL01F
CPD Credit: 7 credits

Course pamphlet can be downloaded here

Course Facilitators:

Ir. Dr. YK Chan, Postdoc, EngD, DMgt, RE, FHKIE, RLS, RSSMBB, Certified CCPM Practitioner

Doctor of Engineering (Warwick),
Doctor of Management (IMC/SCU),
MSc in Management Science (Cranfield)
Industrial Fellow of Warwick University
Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University

Dr. Chan leads a HK company associated with a global consultant firm, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies International (HK) Ltd. (SBTI-HK). The company serves the clients with solutions for rapid and substantial results. He is the one of founders of the Belt and Road Research Centre which offers scholarship for Belt and Road research with the University of Oxford.

Mr. Anthony KC Chan, MEM, MPA, RSSMBB, FHKQMA, LYNX Implementation Expert

Anthony has over 20 years in toy industry, operation and supply chain management. He has solid experience in project management (cost and timeliness) and vendor control. He is also a Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt, RSSMBB in SSI and has been conducting Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean training since 2015.



日期:2020年5月9日 (星期六)



或許你經已是從事項目管理 (Project Management)/ 質量保證 (Quality Assurance),甚至對精益六式碼 (Lean Six Sigma)具備了一定的知識,並持續為公司及個人帶來增長。但你又是否知道精益六式碼(Lean Six Sigma)在當下的最新發展嗎?你是否了解「持續改善」之路能走到多遠?這個講座可能可以為你提供一個更清晰的路向!


精益 (Lean) 及六式碼 (Six Sigma) 簡介
精益六式碼 (Lean Six Sigma) 專才的優勢
Q & A環節

– 精益六式碼管理有興趣;
– 具兩年或以上工作經驗之在職人士;
– 現職管理、流程改善、質量管理等相關部門;
– 有興趣晉身成為商業分析師等人士

講者簡介: 陳旭球博士 (Dr. Y. K. Chan)


陳博士為香港和大中華區之品質管理和流程改善專家。陳博士也是香港六式碼之先驅,為香港培養了上千名六式碼專家,培訓學生人數超過5000人。陳博士同時也為本港多家大型企業推行改善項目,為企業帶來企業文化以及效益帶來極大改善。陳博士在近年應對國際市場大趨勢,把制約理論(Theory Of Constraint)引入了精益六式碼的應用上,把品質管理項目的實踐及效能大為提升。



Free Seminar – How Can You Get Career Growth by Dramatic Improvement of Your Company’s Global Performance (14 Mar 2020)


In this seminar, you may learn about the world’s most popular business improvement methods. By knowing the key roles of Lean, Six Sigma or Theory of Constraints (TOC) professionals during the improvement projects, there is a promising future for these professionals. The implementation of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma in Hong Kong case example will be discussed in this seminar. Welcome for all who interest in process improvement, quality management, TOC/Lean/Six Sigma professionals and students; or has already working in these fields and seeking for better business strategy.

Seminar Topic: How Can You Get Career Growth by Dramatic Improvement of Your Company’s Global Performance

Date: 14 Mar 2020 (Sat)

Time: 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Venue: Six Sigma Institute, Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Language: Cantonese

CPD Credit: Not applicable

Remark: Free of charge


1. The World’s Most Popular Business Improvement Methods
2. Promising Future of Lean/Six Sigma/Theory of Constraints Professionals
3. Case Examples of Applying TOC, Lean and Six Sigma in Hong Kong

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How to Handle Conflicts with Win-Win Solution Seminar (7 Dec 2019)



Managers handle problems every day. Problems are caused by conflicts. Competency in handling problems is a major competitive advantage for managers’ career advancement. The objective of this course is to facilitate participants with a structured framework and skills to identify and solve conflicts with win-win results.


Seminar Topic: How to Handle Conflicts with Win-Win Solution

Date: 7 Dec 2019 (Sat)

Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm

Venue: Six Sigma Institute, Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Language: Cantonese

Remark: Free of charge



1. Identifying the Types of Conflict
2. Structuring Conflict in a Logical Diagram
3. Case Examples and Exercises
4. Validating Components of the Conflict Diagram
5. Finding Assumptions
6. Solving the Conflict via Breakthrough/Creative Win-Win Solutions.

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日期:2019年11月16日 (六)

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