Marketing Analytics for beginner

The Programme:

Data is a vital resource to organizations especially for marketing. This 4-module program is aimed at providing marketers in SME or service organizations with basic knowledge and skills needed to self-perform intelligent and critical use of marketing data and explore insights for creating better marketing strategies than your competitors. It is good for anyone who would like to learn the key
Marketing Concepts and to implement marketing analytics by using simple MS Excel functions. The course employs a combination of lectures, cases, and hands-on exercises.


To equip entry-level executives with the concepts, practical guidelines, latest developments, and best practices of marketing data analysis in order to advance their knowledge and career.

Target Audience:

Learners who are new to marketing and business analytics with a particular interest in learning how to engage customers and improve the marketing strategies through digital medium. A module will introduce Google Analytics and provide advice and materials on how to obtain Google Analytics Individual Qualification.


The entire program consists of 4 modules (3hours per each module) with assignment at the end of the program. Participant attends 75% of the program and submission of the assignment before the due date will be awarded a certificate from Six Sigma Institute. Participant may also join any one of the individual modules.


Cantonese (supplemented with English), Handouts in English.


Computers will be provided in the classroom but suggests participants to take their own computers.
This program will use MS Excel and introducing some open software for data mining.

Syllabus: 課程大綱:

Module 1:
Introduction and Importance of Marketing Analytics
• Course Introduction.
• Why Marketing research, analysis and
• Case: Instant Coffee
• Real case in HK: West Rail Opening
• Use of Excel for understanding marketing data.

課程 1:

• 課程簡介。
• 為什麼要進行營銷研究、數據分析和營銷分析?
• 真實案例:速溶咖啡
• 真實案例:鐵路開通
• 使用 Excel 了解營銷數據。

Module 2:
Marketing Segmentation and targeting

• Exercise: RFM Analysis using Excel
• Basket Analysis (Association Rules)
• User-Based Collaborative Filteringtechnique
• Factors (Price and/or Advertising spending) affect Sales Revenue.

課程 2:

• 練習:使用 Excel 進行 RFM 分析
• 因素(價格和/或廣告支出如何影響銷售收入)。

Module 3:
Customer Satisfaction and Sales Forecasting.

• Customer Satisfaction survey using Excel
• Real case in HK: CSI
• Real Case in HK: Discovery of Loss of Customers
• Customer Churn Analysis
• Real Case and Excel Exercise: Revenue Forecast

課程 3:

• 使用 Excel 進行客戶滿意度調查
• 真實案例:CSI
• 真實案例:發現客戶流失
•練習:使用 Excel 進行客戶流失分析
• 真實案例和 Excel 練習:收入預測

Module 4:
Understanding social media

• Google Analytics (including the information and teaching guide for the award of Google Analytics Individual Qualification for those interested to take the qualification examination).
• Social Media Measurement
• Conclusion

課程 4:

• 谷歌分析-Google Analytics[包括為有興趣參加資格考試提供谷歌分析個人資格 (GAIQ Award)的信息和教學指南]。
• 社交媒體測量

Off-site Assignment


Course teacher : Dr. Victor Leung

Dr. Leung started his career in tourism and later joined MTRC in 1978. He was Area Manager in
Operating and Commercial Manager before worked as Planning and Marketing Manager in KCRC. He was Senior Manager (Service Planning and Branding) after the merger of MTR Corporation Ltd.

He has a wide range of experience in staff management, railway operating, marketing, transport planning, branding, and overseas projects. Dr Leung obtained a Bachler of Commerce Degree,Master of Science (Information Management) and the Doctor of Management. He has rich experience in teaching management subjects as part time lecturer at the University of Hong Kong.

He is also the Adjunct Lecturer of the Charles Sturt University of Australia and HKU SPACE in Hong Kong. He is a Fellow and Director of HK Quality Management. He is one of the founders and currently the Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Knowledge Management Development Centre. With his knowledge in data-mining and data analytics, he will share with workshop participants his marketing experience and skills in marketing analytics

數據是組織的重要資源,尤其是對於營銷而言。這個由 4 個單元組成的課程,旨在為 SME 或服務組織的營銷人員提供自我執行營銷數據的所需基本知識和技能,並探索洞察力以創建比競爭對手更好的營銷策略。這課程適合任何想學習營銷概念並通過使用簡單的 MS Excel 功能實施營銷分析的學員。本課程採用講座、案例和動手練習相結合的方式。


這課程對營銷和業務分析及想學習如何通過營銷數據分析吸引客戶和改進營銷策略特別感興趣的學習者, 是一個極佳的選擇 。除此之外, 本課程的一個單元將介紹 Google Analytics,並提供有關如何獲得 Google Analytics Individual Qualification 個人資格的建議和資訊。

整個課程由 4 個單元組成(每單元 3 小時),並在課程結束時提交作業。學員參加了 75% 的課程並在截止日期前提交作業將獲得 SSI 頒發的證書。學員也可以參加任何一個獨立單元學習。


教室將提供電腦,但建議學員攜帶自己的電腦。課程將使用 MS Excel 並引入一些開放式簡易操作數據挖掘軟件。

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