How to Produce 25% More Projects


The objective of this program is to facilitate project-oriented organizations to achieve rapid and substantial results by using a new project management approach. The success experiences of the leading organizations throughout the world have demonstrated the following results:
• Throughput: 25% more projects
• Lead Time: 20-50% faster
• Cost reduction: 10-30% saving
• Quality: Often improved
• Culture: More collaboration, better teamwork, improved morale

Who Should Employ this Service?

The program is customized for project organizations, large or small. Organizations such as IT department, product development department, engineering firm, construction company, new projects in hospitals, etc. will find this program useful for maximizing revenue.


  • How to Select/Prioritize Right Projects
  • Workshop – Produce a Newly Prioritized Project List for the Own Company
  • How to Maximize Project Portfolio Revenue
  • Case Example
  • Workshop – Produce a New Project Portfolio for Higher Throughput
  • How to Reduce Bad Multi-tasking
  • Multi-project Exercise
  • How to Prioritize and Freeze Projects
  • Workshop – Produce a List of Prioritized and Frozen Projects
  • Simulation Game
  • How to Accelerate Project Completion
  • How to Release New Projects
  • Workshop – Produce a Project Release Procedure
  • How to Implement Full Kitting
  • Workshop – Produce a Full Kitting Procedure
  • Preparations According to Priorities
  • Workshop – Produce a Complete Project Inventory List with Reliable completion Dates
    Communication with Clients
  • Workshop – Finalize an Overall Multi-project Management Plan


This is a program of combination of knowledge transfer, on-sit coach, and guided implementation of solutions on the issues arising from multi-projects. A 25% increase of throughput would be expected and normally this can be achieved within 3 months.

Coaching Service (Optional)


The coach includes a latest software which provides a solution to project organizations to achieve breakthrough improvements in the performance of their project portfolio. The coach applies to multi-project organization, big and small. The aim to achieve breakthrough portfolio-wide improvements with doubling the productivity and being able to deliver over 90% on time within the existing resources.
The coach service includes a software LYNX and a serious workshop for knowledge transfer.

Approach and Expect Outcomes

This is a program of combination of knowledge transfer, on-sit coach, and guided implementation of solutions on the issues arising from multi-projects. A 25% increase of throughput would be expected and normally this can be achieved within 6 months.

Contents of Service

The workshop covers the concept, methodology, case examples. The new techniques will be illustrated by computer simulation. The workshop covers CCPM scheduling, tracking and project management by the CCPM software, LYNX. The company would expect to have the following deliverables upon completion of this program:

1. Methodology to select the right project
2. Maximize the portfolio’s throughput of project completion
3. Optimizing the portfolio’s reliability of project completion


A cost is subject to the size of the company and will be quote separately. The one-stop -shop coaching approach covers the costs of workshop, on-site coach, implementation consultancy and the CCPM software license for six months.


The company will pay the continuous license for the software LYNX after 6 months.
They can seek our further support to use other powerful functions of the software.


  • Registered Professionals: HK$1,400
  • Six Sigma Community Buddies /Members of SSI Partners: HK$1,500
  • Others: HK$1,650

Language: Cantonese with English materials

Venue: Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Time Slot 1: 14 Jul 2021 (Wed) Course Code: HPMP-21JUL14F 09:30am to 17:30pm(7 hours per day)
Time Slot 2: 7 Jan 2022 (Fri) Course Code: HPMP-22JAN07F 09:30am to 17:30pm(7 hours per day)

CPD Credit: 7 credits

About the facilitator:

Ir. Dr. YK Chan, Postdoc, EngD, DMgt, RE, FHKIE, RLS, RSSMBB, Certified CCPM Practitioner

Doctor of Engineering (Warwick),
Doctor of Management (IMC/SCU),
MSc in Management Science (Cranfield)
Industrial Fellow of Warwick University
Visiting Professor of Beijing Normal University

Dr. Chan leads a HK company associated with a global consultant firm, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies International (HK) Ltd. (SBTI-HK). The company serves the clients with solutions for rapid and substantial results. He is the one of founders of the Belt and Road Research Centre which offers scholarship for Belt and Road research with the University of Oxford.

Mr. Anthony KC Chan, MEM, MPA, RSSMBB, FHKQMA, LYNX Implementation Expert

Anthony has over 20 years in toy industry, operation and supply chain management. He has solid experience in project management (cost and timeliness) and vendor control. He is also a Registered Six Sigma Master Black Belt, RSSMBB in SSI and has been conducting Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean training since 2015.

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