Minitab x SSI x Techmax HK Free Seminar: The Modern Toolkit for Process Excellence and Effective Operations Management (9 八月 2019)

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Minitab x SSI x Techmax HK Free Seminar

The Modern Toolkit for Process Excellence and Effective Operations Management

日期: 八月. 9, 2019. (Friday)
時間: 2:30 下午 – 5:30 下午
Location: SSI training room (單位 1627, 16/F Star House, 3 梳士巴利道, 尖沙咀)
授課語言: The seminar will be conducted in Cantonese

先生. Calvin YIM, Product Manager at Techmax HK
What’s New in Minitab 19

Minitab中 19 has arrived! In this session, we will cover the latest updates to the Minitab interface to familiarize users with their new Minitab workspace. We’ll review new software features and statistical enhancements that facilitate data analysis, along with tips from our Minitab experts on how to get the most from Minitab 19. See the new Minitab 19 along with statistical updates that include binary response for Design of Experiments (DOE), Normal Capability enhancements and more.

先生. Ray CHEN, Minitab Technical Sales Manager
The Modern Toolkit for Process Excellence

The toolkit for solving your most advanced challenges is changing fast and new opportunities arise with the digital transformation of manufacturing and operations. In this session, discover how to power and digitalise your improvement projects and data analysis thanks to best practice methods combined with appropriate intuitive Software tools.

Ir. Dr. Y.K. CHAN, Chairman of Six Sigma Institute
Science for Operations Management – Laws You Must Know for Effective Operations Management

This one-hour session is to go through the Little’s Law and Law of Variability, the two important laws of operations science that executives must understand for efficacy operations management. Variability is a fact of life. In operations systems, many important quantities are variable, including process times, equipment uptimes, equipment downtimes, product demands, yield rates, number of workers who show up on a given day, and a host of others. Because of the prevalence of variability and its disruptive influence on system performance, understanding it is critical to effective operations management. Little’s Law is the most fundamental principle of operations, which described the fundamental relationship between work in progress, cycle time and throughput. Little’s Law is a very powerful model of the science governing flows in any case. The session will explain these laws by management games and examples.

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