Registration for Six Sigma Champion


To be eligible for the Registered Six Sigma Champion, RSSC, applicants who has complete Six Sigma Champion/Six Sigma Management Leader training should hand in a Six Sigma Deployment Plan to the Examination Board for assessment. The applicants are asked to translate organization goals / strategy / vision and mission to create a Six Sigma Deployment Plan, and the plan should also be able to:

  • Identify improvement area, potential projects, setting improvement target, allocate resources
  • Provide alignment between strategy and improvement area
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of management including Champion(s), Master Black Belt(s), Black Belt(s), and other functional groups, and establish a plan for communication
  • Present the process performance measures, project selection criteria and project identification/prioritization system, as well as project reporting and tracking system
  • Provide the details of curricula and training system
  • Describe the audit system of financial benefits for closed projects, and reward and recognition plan of the Six Sigmateam members
The Six Sigma Deployment Plan should be handed in Powerpoint format.


To boarder professional recognition and align our professional titles with international common practice, the title of ‘Registered Quality Professional (Six Sigma Champion), RQP(SSC)’ has been changed as ‘Registered Six Sigma Champion, RSSC’ from 15 April 2013.


Registration Fee

Annual Type: HK$500 per year

Life Type: HK$2,900


Maintain Registration Status

To maintain standards of registered professionals, all registered professionals are required to complete 30 CPD credits (equivalent to 30 study hours) in every three years. CPD credits can be in a form of the following experiences:

A. Leading Six Sigma / Lean projects

B. Conducting Six Sigma / Lean training programmes

C. Attending Six Sigma / Lean or related training courses, seminars or study missions

D. Joining our seminars or programmes under the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Scheme, or similar events organized by other renowned professional organizations such as Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Project Management Institute Hong Kong Chapter (PMIHK), etc.,

CPD Certificate will be offered for SSI Registered Professionals for free upon request, and will be issued for non SSI Registered Professionals with administration charge HK$50.

To claim your CPD credits, please complete below CPD Form and submit relevant records to us. The form can also be downloaded at here.



Please fill in the Professional Registration Form below and submit relevant documents to us. If you cannot view below form, please download here and send back the completed form to us.

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