Six Sigma Job Opportunity (Keep Updating)


六式碼學會一直都與知名招聘網站: JobsDB Hong Kong保持合作關係,為六式碼學員及對品質管理相關行業有興趣的朋友提供各大企業最新的相關職位空缺。有興趣的朋友按入圖片或點擊此處查看由JobsDB Hong Kong及六式碼學會合辦的招聘平台!內裡有不斷實時更新的品質管理工作機會,對追求卓越的你必定會有幫助!

Six Sigma Institute has been continuously cooperating with JobsDB Hong Kong and featuring most up-to date vacancies in the field of quality control for Six Sigma Institute members & interested friends. Kindly know more with the mini-site held by Six Sigma Institute and JobsDB for better prospect!

SSI Job Recruitment Image

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