Application of Hypothesis Testing

Application of Hypothesis Testing


This course offers an extension to the “Analysis” module on Lean Six Sigma methodology. Hypothesis testing is considered one of the important modules in decision analytics for managerial considerations based on the observations.

What is the target?

There are various data types and malicious manipulations and interpretations could be dangerous to strategic decisions on the Analysis stage during a Six Sigma Project, especially large-scaled projects. The course helps professionals and executives to have a correct decision making strategies based on correct usage of hypothesis testing types.

Who should attend?

Specialists from Business Process Excellence, Market Research & Big Data, Quality Engineering, Process Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Legal evidence, etc.

Teaching Methodology

  1. Background theory
  2. examples
  3. case-study scenarios


Certificate of Successful Completion will be awarded to students who have achieved attendance criteria.

Course Outline

  1. Basic statistics & statistical terms
    • Statistics recap
    • Statistical Terms
  2. Hypothesis Testing
    • Theory, workflow & Applications
    • Classifications
    • The Frequently-used Hypothesis Testings
      • Theory
      • Mathematical calculations & Examples
      • Minitab Simulation examples
  3. Industry specific Scenario Analysis
  4. In-class practices
  5. Useful References & Links


  • Registered Professionals: HK$1,400
  • Six Sigma Community Buddies /Members of SSI Partners: HK$1,500
  • Others: HK$1,650

Language: Mainly English with some Cantonese

Venue: Unit 1627, 16/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Time Slot 1: 1 Jun 2021 (Mon) Course Code: AHT-21JUN01F
Time Slot 2: 13 Sep 2021 (Mon) Course Code: AHT-21SEP13F

CPD Credit: 7 credits

Time: 1 Days, 9:30am to 5:30pm (7 hours per day)

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